FS Pro 2013 Configuration Options


FS Pro 2013 has a settings file that allows administrators to

  • prevent end-user notifications of FS Pro 2013 software updates
  • choose whether or not error messages can be sent to Information Mapping
  • if error messages can be sent, choose the e-mail address to send to
  • choose whether to ignore "Word is in embedded mode" warnings
  • point FS Pro to your in-network License Manager to get a license
  • deploy a Custom-Starter Style Set to be used for new documents.

Default settings

Using the settings file is optional. Without it, these defaults are used:

  • Users are notified of, and can install, updates for FS Pro
  • Error messages are sent to exception@informationmapping.com
  • FS Pro's standard activation mechanism is used (the License Manager is not used)

Procedure to use the settings file

When installing or deploying FS Pro, proceed as follows to use the settings file:




Download the settings file SystemSettings.dat.

Warning: Do not change the file name.


Change the values in the settings file as you like.

Reference: see Possible values in the settings file (below) for more details.


Place the file in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\Data\ and in its Properties make it read-only so the end user cannot change it.

Note: You will most likely need local admin rights to place the file here.

Result: The next time it is started FS Pro 2013 will use the values in the settings file.


If you find that the values in SystemSettings.dat are being ignored, verify the Manifest registry entry as follows:

  1. Close Word / FS Pro.
  2. Run regedit.exe
  3. Navigate to registry entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Office\Word\Addins\InformationMapping.FSPro.Word
  4. Verify that the Manifest entry contains: C:\Program Files (x86)\Information Mapping\FS Pro 5.0\InformationMapping.FSPro.Word.vsto|vstolocal
  5. Close regedit.exe
  6. Open FS Pro and verify that the SystemSettings.dat values are working.

Possible values in the settings file

The table below lists the parameters and values you can use in the settings file:




true / false


true / false 


any valid e-mail address


true / false


URL of the FS Pro 2013 License Manager installed on your premises


true / false


the name of a Custom-Starter Style Set for new documents



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