How do I deactivate FS Pro 4.x?


The procedure below applies to

  • FS Pro 4.0
  • FS Pro 4.1
  • FS Pro 4.2, and
  • FS Pro 4.3

Tip: These 4 versions of FS Pro are referred to as FS Pro 4.x.


When you start using a new computer, you should move your FS Pro license from your old computer to your new one. You can move the license by

  • deactivating FS Pro on the old computer, and
  • activating FS Pro again on the new computer.

The procedure below explains how to deactivate FS Pro. The activation is explained in other procedures.

Tip: Only the FS Pro license needs to be deactivated; it is not necessary to uninstall the old version of FS Pro on your old computer.


Proceed as follows to deactivate FS Pro on your computer:




In the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > Information Mapping > FS Pro 4.x > (De)activate FS Pro.

Result: the De-Activate FS Pro 4.x screen appears.


Select the radio button Yes.


Enter your license key and click Continue.

Result: the message Successfully Removed License appears. You have de-activated FS Pro on your computer.

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