How do I activate FS Pro 4.x using a proxy server?


Warning: The FS Pro 4.x products are no longer sold or supported. Do not use the information in this article unless you currently have one of the 4.x products and have not yet upgraded to a newer/supported product such as FS Pro 2013.

The procedure below applies to

  • FS Pro 4.0
  • FS Pro 4.1
  • FS Pro 4.2, and
  • FS Pro 4.3

Tip: These 4 versions of FS Pro are referred to as FS Pro 4.x.


The following errors are all symptoms that the automatic activation of FS Pro is blocked by a firewall or proxy server settings:

  • Unknown error
  • Socket Error 1
  • Socket Error 2
  • Firewall error
  • Unable to Connect to Website

Internet Explorer Proxy Settings

FS Pro is not able to read Internet Explorer (IE)’s proxy settings. Even if you have a proxy set in IE, you will still have to follow this procedure for FS Pro to use the proxy server.


Your proxy server can be a simple pass through proxy and does not need to be dedicated to FS Pro. The traffic type is HTTP. You will need to know the proxy

  • Address
  • Port number
  • User name (if needed), and
  • Password (if needed).


Follow the steps below to activate FS Pro using a proxy server:




Start the FS Pro activation process from the Start menu.


Choose Activate FS Pro and click Continue.


Enter your license key in the field provided.


Click the "?" in the upper right corner.

Result: This will open the Control Activation Status screen.


Put a check in the use a proxy server to activate and
deactivate box.


Enter the proxy server address and port in the fields provided.

If required enter the username and password.


Put a check in the Save authentication information box.


Click Close.


Click Activate.

Result: FS Pro will now use your proxy settings to attempt to activate FS Pro.

Tip when you have a large number of users: upon completion of this process, a file will be generated and saved in the Program Files\Information Mapping\FS Pro 4.x folder named Proxysettings.txt.

This file can be copied to the same folder on other PCs so users will not have to enter the proxy settings manually themselves anymore.

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