How do I activate FS Pro 4.x manually?


Warning: The FS Pro 4.x products are no longer sold or supported. Do not use this information unless you currently have one of the 4.x products and have not yet upgraded to a newer/supported product such as FS Pro 2013.

The procedure below applies to

  • FS Pro 4.0
  • FS Pro 4.1
  • FS Pro 4.2, and
  • FS Pro 4.3

Tip: These 4 versions of FS Pro are referred to as FS Pro 4.x.


The FS Pro 4.x installer tries to activate your copy of FS Pro automatically during the installation process. You will have to activate FS Pro manually when the automatic activation is not successful (e.g. due to proxy server settings or a firewall block).

If the activation is not successful, you will see the Activation Required screen the first time you start up FS Pro.


Manual activation is required when you get one of the following error messages:

  • Firewall Error
  • Socket Error 1
  • Socket Error 2
  • Unknown Error


Proceed as follows to activate FS Pro 4.x manually:




On the screen Activation Required, select the radio button Activate FS Pro 4.x and click the Continue button.

Result: The screen Activate FS Pro 4.x appears.


Click the link Import Activation Certificate.

Result: The screen Import Activation Certificate appears. The Installation ID is filled in automatically and uniquely identifies your computer.


Click the link Use the browser to get an Activation Certificate.

Result: a browser window Nalpeiron Trusted Activation opens.


  • Enter the installation ID (available on the screen Import Activation Certificate) and your license number (the license key that came with your FS Pro order)
  • Select the check box I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, and
  • Click the button Generate Unlock Code/Certificate.

Result: a screen with your Activation Certificate appears. If the process is unsuccessful, please contact your local Information Mapping Partner.


Copy and paste the Activation Certificate in the designated field on the screen Import Activation Certificate.


Click the Import button.

Result: You have successfully activated your copy of FS Pro 4.x.


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